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The Legacy of a Remarkable Woman

“A star in the sky reminds me of how bright you were… A flower in the garden reminds me of how beautiful you were…”

Mary Jo Brown was a vivacious, fun-loving, beautiful woman who lived her life selflessly. She lit up every room she entered, energizing it with her wit and ever-present smile.

Although Mary Jo’s life was cut short, she left behind a legacy that lives on in the lives she touched. There was no limit for this amazing woman—she would do anything in her power to help others. Her compassion and loving, caring ways didn’t stop at family and friends; it extended to her professional life as well.

Even while fighting cancer and undergoing numerous treatment therapies, she continued to care for her family, friends, and coworkers and was always the most optimistic person wherever she was.

The impact Mary Jo had on people was evident by the widespread number of people who mourned her passing and was the driving force in forming a foundation to honor her memory.

A True Leader

Mary Jo worked at Tufts Medical Center in Boston for 35 years, serving as the Director of Admitting Services. She worked tirelessly to ensure that the patients and their families received the best service possible. Her loyalty to her staff was returned by the deep devotion and respect they openly displayed for her. She led by example.


Patients are now admitted to the hospital through The Mary Jo Brown Admitting Center, which was posthumously named and dedicated in her honor on October 4, 2012. In addition, as part of its annual True Blue campaign, Tufts Medical Center has presented the Mary Jo Brown Customer Service Award to outstanding employees who best continue the values that made Mary Jo very special.

Dedicated to Her Family

As loyal as she was to her career, Mary Jo was even more devoted to her family, centered by her husband, Tom, and daughter, Christina. She either hosted or planned nearly every family gathering for her parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

She possessed the incredible ability to make everyone feel important and loved, and she always had time to listen.

Numerous vacations to Hawaii and Disney World allowed her to relax and recharge so she could return to her busy schedule fully energized. Her graciousness, beauty, and kindness naturally drew people to her, and she made new friends wherever she traveled.

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